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Residential Painting | Our 8-Step Process

We dig a 3 to 4 inch deep trench (wherever possible) around the building to ensure proper adhesion of the material below the ground level.

2Power Washing
We clean the building by using a high-powered water blaster to remove dirt, stains, algae, mildew, and loose paint from the building and help expose damaged wood or stucco. 

We tape around all the windows and any part of the building we are not going to work on. We also place rosin paper on the sidewalks and porches close to the building to protect them from over spray to ensure a professional looking job.

We scrape, sand, and caulk any loose paint or cracks n the substrate. We also caulk all wood to stucco joints as needed to protect from any water intrusion. 

2Stucco Repair
We repair (as in the contract) any stucco damage and match the texture to the existing texture. 

We will spot prime any new stucco or wood or full prime your project (as stated in the contract) to insure proper adhesion of the top coat. 

We will apply the material as per manufacturer’s instructions to the correct mil thickness. This will ensure a longer lasting paint job and will keep the manufacturers warranty in effect. 

2Clean Up
We will clean and remove all our trash from your property at the completion of the project to leave your property as beautiful as your new paint job. We will also keep a safe and clean work area on a daily basis.